The Alamo Bay Detention Center is a massive Federal base which to the public was used as a prison and gallows for traitors, yet held many other secrets.

Detention Facility Edit


This section of Alamo Bay Detention Center is known to the public and often shows live executions on FedNet. Many traitors were publicly hung from the gallows to show the Federations resolve. Executions closed to the public were also performed here when disgraced federal soldiers were involved. The Gallows are maintained by two officers who are not in Federal service (which can be seen as their Rank insignias are different to those in the Federal Military). It is likely that these officers are Citizens.

Underground Research Facility Edit


In the Alamo Bay complex is an entrance to the underground which houses many miles of tunnels to research facilities. In one of these facilities is "Area 6" in which the Federation held a Brain Bug until Major General Dix Hauser was forced to kill the Arachnid when it attempted to kill Admiral Phid.

Appearance Edit




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