• Anoke's Dropship landing on Roku San

The Admiral's Boat is a customised dropship, designed to carry a Flag Officer in relative comfort along with a small unit of bodyguards as opposed to the standard dropship, which is designed to carry as many troopers as possible.

One of these boats would be stationed per capital ship, near the command deck of vessels such as the Athena class, and Corvette Transport instead of landing in a hangar bay. When docked, the boat's airlock would open directly into a hallway of the ship once the lock is airtight.

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A bodyguard unit of Marines would at all times be stationed onboard the Admirals Boat even when stationed onboard a capital ship. this made for quick deployment of them during and emergancy evacuation situation.

Anoke's Dropship Edit

Sky Marshal Anoke's dropship was used to take him to Roku San and then away after the Arachnid forces attack and overwhelm the base. The boat was later used by his marines to carry them from the badly damaged Geronimo to the nearby planet OM-1. Unfortunately for the marines, the ship was damaged upon exiting the Geronimo and suffered a oxygen leak, killing all onboard.

When the Sky Marshal and party found the boat they try and repair it when suddenly Behemecoatyl, the God Bug, attacked the ship, ripping its roof open and effectively destroying it.Template:Stor2

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