The name or term "A-01" should not be confused with Alpha Team.


The A-01 team during the Battle of Fort Casey

The Alpha One (A-01), also known as A Team, is a Federation unit that was stationed aboard the FAS Alesia, and lead by Lieutenant Tony Daugherty.


The A-01 was assigned to rescue the K-12 team in Fort Casey. After they rendezvoused with the K-12 members, including Bugspray, Ratzass, Holy Man, and Kharon, the team found the John A. Warden left the fort without retrieving them. Soon they were ordered to returned to the Aleisia. The sniper Trig provided the cover fire when the troopers heading to the ship. The mission was successful as they managed to rescue the survivors and destroying all the Arachnid force in the Fort Casey by the explosive charges set by Mech, but the team lose several troopers during the battle.

A while later after the battle, the team received a new order from General Rico from the L-6 Satellite Base. As the John A. Warden was missing after it headed for a classified mission, lead by Carl Jenkins. the team was ordered to search the ship with the K-12.

The joint force was lead by the leader of the K-12 team, Major Henry Varro. A-01 commander Lieutenant Daugherty lead the Team-01, including Ice Blonde, Trig, Mech and Shock Jock, to escort Captain Ibanez to the ship's bridge. The rest troopers, including Chase, joined the Team-02 with the K-12 troopers lead by Major Varro to search the engine room.

A while after the John A. Wardern was found, the troopers found out it had been taken over by a Queen Bug. Most of the A-01 troopers were killed during the evacuation, including Chase. The Bugs destroyed the Alesia, the team's medic, Shock Jock, was killed during process. Later, the John A. Warden prepared heading to Earth and Trig, the sniper of the team, decided to kill the Queen and went into the vent from the bridge. Though failing to kill the Queen, she managed to stop the Bug from crashing the ship into the city of Paris. However, Trig was later killed by the overwhelming Warrior Bugs when trying to escape.

Lieutenant Daugherty was left to guard Captain Ibanez, who tried to avoid the ship crashed in Paris. He was killed after the ship's crashlanding, possibly due to the impact.

Later, Ice Blonde was in charge of Captain Ibanez's safety and waited the Landing Ship with her. However, the landing ship was destroyed by the Queen Bug after they were saved by General Rico, who arrived with his Marauder MK-II. They later reunited with Mech, Ratzass, and Carl Jenkins. Mech told them that he had set C-4 charges in the engine room. The survivors successfully escape before the ship's destruction that killed the Queen and the Arachnid force.

Most of the A-01 troopers were killed in action. Ice Blonde and Mech were the only survivors of the team. Starship Troopers: Invasion

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