The name or term "Kitten Smith" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Kitten Smith (disambiguation).

"Kitten" Smith



Battle of Klendathu






FederationFlag United Citizen Federation

MI flag small Mobile Infantry
6th Mobile Infantry Division
Willy's Wildcats



"Kitten" Smith was a soldier in the Mobile Infantry. He aspired to be a writer once his term was complete in the Federal Service, but was killed before this could happen.


He was trained in the same unit as Johnny Rico in the Camp Currie, and was devastated when the latter was given ten lashes thanks to Djana'D.

During the Battle of Klendathu, Kitten was maimed and killed by a Warrior Bug during the general retreat on Klendathu, much to Rico's horror. Kitten was ripped in half by a Warrior Bug, which then flung his upper torso towards Rico knocking off his feet but he quickly recovered and continue firing his rifle at the Warrior Bug killing it.


  • The running scene of Kitten in the beginning of the boot camp is a reference to Al Jenkins from the novel.
  • During the Scene where he, Rico and Ace are being drilled before Dizzy joins the training platoon, Smith is seen holding back a laugh before Sergent Zim. This may be a Reference to Stanley Kubrick's 1987 feature length war flim Full Metal Jacket.
  • He is played by Matthew Erik Levin, who is best known for this role and who also plays one of the film crew in the 2008 comedy flim, Tropic Thunder.

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