"Dutch" redirects here. For the character from film universe, see Dutch (film).

Private First Class "Dutch" Bamburger was a soldier in the Mobile Infantry. He served in Willie's Wildcats.


During Operation Bughouse, Dutch and was dropped on Klendathu before his ship, theValley Forge collided with the Ypres, killing everyone left on board, including half the Wildcats.

He was with Juan Rico clearing an area of Pseudo-Arachnids. When the ground in front of him suddenly cracked open, a Bug came out and Dutch went down. Rico managed to kill the Bug. When Rico checked Dutch's suit for his vitals, it showed his breathing, heartbeat and brain activity as "zero". Rico began removing Dutch from his armor when the all-hands call came on signalling everyone to bounce to any available retrieval boat. Rico hurried with Dutch but in the process, Dutch's head came off. Rico left him there and made his way out. Starship Troopers


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